MayorPure ®

Your specialist for professional carpet dry cleaning

Clean, well-kept carpeted floors are part of the high-quality overall picture of your company. And just like you, we want it to stay that way. The innovative dry cleaning process by MayorPure is

proven in hotels, shops, office buildings, restaurants and public facilities.

We clean on ships and yachts, on planes and at airports. In short: Wherever high-quality carpet is to be maintained and maintained, we are there for you as an experienced partner.

Quickly. Cost-saving. Environmentally friendly.

The most important advantages briefly summarized for you:
  • No dredging out-cleaning can be done during business operations
  • No dry season-your carpet is accessible SOFORT
  • No chemicals-98% cleaning granules from renewable raw materials
  • No residues-phosphate-free, PH-neutral, biodegradable
  • No water stains-Through the novel dry-cleaning process
  • Extended lifespan-your carpets 3-4 times!

The result: A hygienically pure carpet that looks like NEW!
Cleaned with the power of nature.